Biocoal from Biomass

carbonfx plant sbertrand

© (Photo TC Media - Sébastien Lacroix) Sylvain Bertrand, CEO of Airex Energy.

BÉCANCOUR. A few weeks ago, Airex Energy began the start-up phase of a first unit in its biocoal plant in Bécancour.

Airex Energy starts construction of its biomass torrefaction plant in Becancour, Quebec


Construction of the Airex Energy biomass torrefaction plant is now underway at Laprade industrial park in Becancour, Qc. Using Airex’s patented CarbonFX technology, the plant will have an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons. The facility is well situated near the St-Lawrence Seaway, in an area known for its abundant forest resources and rich pulp and paper industry heritage. Designed to showcase CarbonFX technology, the manufacturing plant will produce white pellets, biocoal pellets, biochar and biocoke.