Airex Energy supply biocoal pellets to Portland General Electric’s Boardman Plant


Continuing its years-long investigation of whether torrefied biomass could extend its life, Boardman Power Station is prepping to undergo a substantive test burn.

A flexible biomass torrefaction plant has recently been unveiled in Canada

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Airex Energy is a supplier of a torrefaction technology called the CarbonFX. This unique yet simple torrefaction process moved from being a proof of concept in 2010 to an industrial-scale technology in 2015. To prove to the market that this technology was ready for commercialisation, a fully integrated facility was built in the city of Becancour, Quebec, halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.

Green coal, Quebec company poised to scale up biocoal technology

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Near the St. Lawrence River, a stone’s throw away from the Gentilly nuclear power plant, the old LaPrade mill in Bécancour, Que., has come back to life. In one of the old concrete pools designed to produce heavy water, Airex Energy is testing its unique torrefaction process. Their goal: develop a large-scale biocoal technology made with forest biomass and agriculture waste.