Innosphere supports Canadian companies to accelerate access to global markets



COLORADO, October 23, 2014 Innosphere is currently working with six Canadian startup businesses that are commercializing sustainable technologies that address energy, environmental, and resource constraints as a part of Innosphere's relationship with the Canadian Consulate General in Denver's Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA). CTA was launched in 2009 in Silicon Valley and has since expanded to New York City, Boston, and most recently Denver with Innosphere's support to Cleantech startups.

A Promising Partnership - Cycle Capital Invests in Airex Energy

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Montreal (Quebec), June 10, 2014 – AIREX ENERGY, an equipment supplier that is developing torrefaction technology to convert biomass to biocoal, Seed Fund Cycle-C3E, the Cycle family’s second venture capital fund in the clean technologies field, and Desjardins-Innovatech recently completed a strategic partnership to grow the company by closing a $3 million round of funding.

Heads Up CIPEC Newsletter - Airex Énergie to build biomass torrefaction pilot plant in Laval, Quebec

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“Biomass torrefaction is an innovative solution for companies that want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower operating costs,” says Sylvain Bertrand of Airex Énergie, which recently received $2.7 million in funding for a biomass torrefaction pilot plant in Laval, Quebec. The carbon-neutral material has the potential to replace bituminous coal and fuel oil in combustion, filtration and metallurgical applications.