Strategic Location

The plant is strategically located for the efficient movement of goods by road, rail or sea, including easy access to biomass feedstock.

  • Located in a large industrial park
  • Near major highways
  • Easy access to deep water ports and rail
  • Large pool of biomass feedstock
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Economic Efficiency

The CarbonFX process layout of the Bécancour plant is designed in a compact configuration for economic efficiency.

AIREX web CommercialPlant EE CarbonFX process layout

The plant includes pre-conditioning equipment for the unloading, sizing and pre-drying of the biomass along with post-conditioning equipment for densifying biocoal pellets. The pre-drying system alongside the CarbonFX reactor uses cyclonic technology patented by Airex. Torrefied biomass is then densified into pellets and a flexible material handling conveying system carries the end product in a vast storage space to provide the flexibility to deliver in bulk or in tote bags.

The plant is continuously supplied with sawdust and recycled wood from two silos fed by moving floor semi-trailers. The equipment operates independently under the supervision of two operators.

End Products

The plant is primarily dedicated to the production of torrefied pellets for test burns at coal-fired power plants. Biochar and torrefied wood flour are also produced on request.

AIREX web Commercial Plant Products Torrefied pellets

Torrefied pellets

AIREX web BioChar 03


AIREX web Commercial Plant Products Torrified wood flour2

Torrified wood flour


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Head Office
2500 Bernard-Lefebvre Street
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Bécancour Plant
103-4170 La Prade Blvd.
Bécancour, Québec, Canada, G9H 0B6

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