Use of BiocharFX

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A 100% natural and organic soil amendment

The use of charcoal to improve soils has been part of soil management practices for centuries as charcoal is found in soils around the world as a result of vegetation fires as well as traditional agricultural practices. It has led to the creation of the dark, nutrient rich terra preta ("black earth") soils of the Brazilian Amazon which differ markedly from adjacent soils, in terms of higher fertility and carbon content.

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Benefits of BiocharFX

BiocharFX improves plant growth and yields and provides many others advantages.

AIREX web BiocharFX Benefits Enhanced nutrient retention

Enhanced nutrient retention

AIREX web BiocharFX Benefits Increased water holding capacity

Increased water holding capacity

AIREX web BiocharFX Benefits Improved soil aeration and drainage

Improved soil aeration and drainage

AIREX web BiocharFX Benefits Increased microbial activity

Increased microbial activity


BiocharFX can be used in a variety of industrial and large-scale applications.

AIREX web BiocharFX APP Home Gardening Landscaping

Home gardening and landscaping

AIREX web BiocharFX APP Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture

AIREX web BiocharFX APP Commercial Horticulture

Commercial horticulture

AIREX web BiocharFX APP Wasterwater Filtration

Waste water filtration

AIREX web BiocharFX APP Environmental Mediation

Environmental remediation


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